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"Concrete You Can Count On."

Brecher Concrete

Specializing IN
large Commercial & agricultural projects

Large Commercial Concrete

Parking Lots, Schools and School Projects, City and County Concrete needs, New Office Buildings, Apartments and much more!

Agricultural Concrete

Large Shop floors, Hog Buildings, Cattle lots, Chicken Barns, Grain Bins, and everything related. We are happy to help!



We pride ourselves on getting the job DONE RIGHT, ON TIME, and ON BUDGET!  Whether it is finished indoor floors or outdoor applications, we have the team to handle all your needs!


Agricultural concrete applications can be some of the most demanding working environments. We make sure to have the right concrete mix for your application to work for a very long time!


"Brecher Concrete has always provided us with a great finish product, whether we have employed them for footings and foundations or finish floors and paving. We are especially pleased with their commitment to following a schedule and completing their portion of work per schedule or actually sooner if you need them to. Through all the years of employing Brecher Concrete we have yet to encounter a time where they have missed their scheduled start date by even one day."
Kevin Magnussen, CEO
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